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Note taking is one of the most important thing to do in our daily life, especially if you’re a busy person. But sometimes, bringing notebook and pen every time we hangout is something that we usually forget. Don’t worry anymore! The application that will turn your busy life into productive life has just come out. 

iUp Note is the note taking application that will surely catch your heart. You can create your notes, greeting cards, invitation cards, diary, planner, scrapbook and many more...

iUp Note Features

- iUp Note is the most versatile app with different note taking capabilities.
- It has many paper choices that you can use for your notes, invitation cards, greeting cards, diary etc. 
- Create you note with photo attachment
- It has the normal option in writing notes like different fonts style, size and color of text. 
- You can also use the pen tools to create an impressive sketches, photo annotating and editing.
- Scan your documents for easy sharing and noting.
- Share your notes, invitations, greetings and project via social media
- Share your notes via WiFi connection
- Organize your notes by your own categories
- Back-up your files to Dropbox and desktop iTunes and restore.
- With theme choices. 

Download Now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iup-note/id818183940?mt=8

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